About us

SwanCap Stands for Two Decades of Expertise & Success in Private Equity

Best-in-Class Private Equity

Through its global franchise and four offices in Europe and North America, SwanCap provides access to high-quality investments in private equity via Primary Fund Commitments, Direct Co-Investments and Direct Secondaries.

Over the course of the past 20+ years, the SwanCap team has demonstrated its ability to source best-in-class private equity assets and consistently invest and generate strong top-tier returns across various economic cycles alongside our three investment strategies.

High calibre institutional investors and large family offices from Europe, North America and Asia rely on SwanCap to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns on their invested capital.

Our experience and investment history in private equity has entailed an extensive sourcing network and strong reputation earned over decades within the private equity industry as a strategic partner to leading management teams and best-in-class GPs. Our well-entrenched networks and our ability to deliver on our promises has fuelled a differentiated deal flow. Our integrity, discipline and focus on long-term, sustainable partnerships and returns have enabled SwanCap to successfully invest in 250+ market-leading Primary Funds, 125+ Direct Co-Investments and 50+ Direct Secondaries.

20 Years History & Track Record

The investment history of the SwanCap Team dates back to the year 2000, when the core members of the team established the private equity unit of HypoVereinsbank / UniCredit, which was subsequently spun out in 2013 to establish SwanCap as an independent private equity investment platform. That same year SwanCap raised its first €1 billion flagship fund, Swan I, with an investor base comprised of leading institutional investors and family offices from Europe, North America and Asia. 

Since inception SwanCap’s specific investment approach has delivered best-in-class risk-adjusted returns across all fund generations to our investors, ranking first quartile as per Preqin – an investment approach has been consistently developed and refined by the SwanCap Team over two decades.

  • 6+
    deployment, € bn
  • 5000
    portfolio transactions
  • 20+%
    SwanCap funds’ IRR
  • 100%
    top-quartile funds

To date, the SwanCap Team has deployed €6+ billion in private equity and executed 300+ individual commitments alongside 125+ leading sponsors in Europe and North America – directly and indirectly, SwanCap has invested in 5,000+ transactions.

Today, SwanCap manages €4+ billion of assets under management via various fund generations and through our customised investment solutions. As a trusted partner to world class institutional investors, SwanCap is a key building block to helping to ensure the future financial wealth of millions of pensioners, insurance clients and investors around the world.

Proven Investment Approach

For over 20 years, the SwanCap team has invested equity in a consistent and stringent manner by focussing on high-quality assets, capital preservation and sustainable value creation that maximizes risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

We strongly believe that successful private equity investing is based on having access to a large universe of attractive investment opportunities that accordingly allow for a highly selective investment process, as well as a sophisticated and diversified portfolio construction. This persistent approach and relentless attitude is core mantra and also the origin of our name: SwanCap.

Our core mantra

Identifying the strongest alpha generating investment opportunities

Our deep dive due diligence and stringent investment selection process has been refined and institutionalised over the past 20 years in order to consistently identify the strongest alpha generating investment opportunities.

Foundation for our past success and future ambitions

In addition to the team´s comprehensive experience and private markets expertise, our proprietary data base significantly enhances our knowledge of GPs, companies and sectors, all of which play a key role in our investment processes. Every quarter, SwanCap receives detailed performance data with hundreds of data points on each underlying company from all of our fund commitments, as well as on each direct investment. In addition, SwanCap sees a wealth of data from new investment opportunities, which together encompass a large, proprietary private equity dataset with well over a million data points. This wealth of information and our deep, global expertise and experience are the foundation for our past success and future ambitions.

Conviction across all facets of an investment

SwanCap’s assessment goes beyond the commercial merits of an investment; our inhouse legal and compliance teams, located in Munich and Luxembourg, our long tenured relationships with leading advisory practises, and our stringent E-S-G standards ensure conviction across all facets of an investment.

Institutionalized Setup

SwanCap has evolved as one of the leading independent investment platforms in the market with one of the most experienced investment teams in Germany, capable of acting as a strategic partner for leading private equity managers and result-oriented institutional investors as well as large family offices. 

With SwanCap Investment Management SA, SwanCap has an authorised inhouse AIFM (in the European Union) with its own requisite tax and regulatory substance, its own fund administrative resources and its own investment management capabilities. In addition, SwanCap has an inhouse legal and compliance team on the ground in Munich and Luxembourg.

Our investment professionals have long-term experience in analysing, selecting and managing the best private equity investments, always in compliance with regulatory needs and in alignment with the highest standards on relationship, performance and E-S-G.